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Date: 18.09.2003 - 06:37:59
Name: Rotor
Country: US


Date: 18.09.2003 - 06:22:34
Name: turt|3
Country: denmark

big congratz to the both of you with the birth of the little, all the best in the future ...

Date: 18.09.2003 - 04:18:01
Name: pam, graham, harriet and toby
Country: uk

glad to hear that the wolf cub has arrived safely, can we have phernetic guidence on Lokien please??!! pam, harriet and toby threatening to visit!! july? hope all are doing well

Date: 18.09.2003 - 03:32:06
Name: Bj¯rg
Country: Norway

Gratulerer hjerteligst med gutten. Dere h¯rer snart fra meg.

Date: 18.09.2003 - 01:16:49
Name: ST


Date: 18.09.2003 - 00:00:09
Name: Amy
Country: USA/NZ

Congratulations! Excellent work. A+.

Date: 17.09.2003 - 23:59:55
Name: Eddie Edwards
Country: UK

Congratulations! A beautiful baby boy! Now comes the fun :-)

Date: 17.09.2003 - 23:02:03
Name: Sonoko and John
Country: Japan

We are happy to hear about the arrival of your new son! Congratulations!!! Omedeto!
We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Date: 17.09.2003 - 22:36:14
Name: Aki
Country: Japan

Big hugs & Congratulations!!
I'm so happy to see your lovely baby just born.

Date: 17.09.2003 - 22:28:10
Name: ben, hiro, and shion
Country: Japan

Congrats!!!! He is a beautiful boy. We can't wait to play together.

Date: 17.09.2003 - 20:31:23
Name: Soren
Country: Denmark

Congratulations and best wishes.

Date: 17.09.2003 - 19:54:21
Name: Aki and JC
Country: France

Ushka,good job!! We're very excited to hear your news.And I had a dream about you last night!! I'll e-mail you soon again. OMEDETO !FÈlicitations !

Date: 17.09.2003 - 19:49:11
Name: Urara
Country: Japan

Congratulations!I am so glad.

Date: 17.09.2003 - 19:39:54
Name: Ros and John
Country: UK

Dear Ushka Jorgen and Lokien - What wonderful news - congratulations on producing such a beautiful boy. Hugs all round. xxx John Ros Jaime Ross Katie and Simon

Date: 17.09.2003 - 19:34:17
Name: Maria
Country: Japan

Congratulations! What a beautiful baby! I make monotone charcoal portraits from pictures. If you're planning on having a family portrait, just let me know.

Date: 17.09.2003 - 19:33:38
Name: Tomaz (Tom-Cat)
Country: Slovenia

Congratulations to you both !!!

Date: 17.09.2003 - 19:27:49
Name: orv, mirz and lucie
Country: UK


Can't wait to meet him when we come over (one day) :)

Big love.

Date: 17.09.2003 - 19:27:20
Name: Aya
Country: Japan

Cute boy...congratulations!:-)

Date: 17.09.2003 - 19:24:32
Name: LEW
Country: .no

Happy birthday! YAY!

Date: 17.09.2003 - 19:24:10
Name: Magnus and Cecilia
Country: Sweden

Massor av grattis!! Vilken underbart söt son ni har fÂtt!
Vi tänker p er och ser fram emot att f se er snart!

Date: 17.09.2003 - 19:21:51
Name: ami
Country: Norway

yay! congrats!

Date: 17.09.2003 - 19:17:36
Name: IronWolve
Country: USA

Looks like his Daddy!

Date: 17.09.2003 - 19:15:13
Name: Soren
Country: Denmark

Congratulations and best wishes.

Date: 17.09.2003 - 19:14:20
Name: Truck
Country: USA

Yay and Mega-Wootage! Definately has Lund's face; can't tell eyes yet - but he has Ushka's love of sleeping (:

Date: 17.09.2003 - 18:22:29
Name: Jorgen
Country: Japan

That was hard work :)

Date: 11.09.2003 - 22:34:56
Name: Ushka
Country: New Zealand

yay ribster!

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